Issue 1 Bad news Good news

Issue 1 9th July 2024

Bad News………Unfortunately we didn’t get
the arts council funding we had applied for.

Good News – We recently had an
amazing  time  hosting  the  VIP
room at Plannerfest/Stationeryfest/Journalfest in Manchester.
We did all day drop in sessions of gelli printing, washi tape making, envelope  making  and  gift  wallet making! 

And we still have the opportunity
to create a large scale puppet of
Arthur Wharton in conjunction
with Preston North End Football

We will be needing everyones
help to get this creation realised!
We are still looking for a suitable
building to hold workshops in.

If you know of anywhere please
let us know !

We  have  been  making  some  new
recycled  products  using  scrap
paper that was too small for larger
projects.  Our  unique  handmade
washie  tape  will  be  in  our  online
shop soon.

As part of the workshops for Encounter Festival we will need blue and white fabrics and chunky wool. If you have any that you could donate, that would be amazing. Let us know and we can arrange collection or cover postage.

If you have any special requests for
things you would like to have a go
at in a workshop session please
get in touch and let us know!

Arthur  Wharton  is  widely  considered
to  be  the  first  black  professional
footballer in the world.
He  was  born  in  Jamestown,  Gold
Coast  (now  part  of Ghana).  His  father
Henry  Wharton  was  a  Grenadian
missionary  of  Scottish  and  West
African  descent,  while  his  mother  was
a  member  of  the  Fante  Ghanaian
Wharton  moved  to  England  in  1882  at
age  19,  to  train  as  a  Methodist
missionary,  but  soon  abandoned  this
in  favour  of  becoming  a  full-time
Wharton  started  as  an  amateur
playing as a goalkeeper for Darlington,  where  he  was  spotted  by
Preston  North  End  after  playing
against  them.  He  joined  them  as  an
amateur,  and  was  part  of  the  team
that  reached  FA  Cup  semi-finals  in

Many Thanks
Sarah, Norma and Elizabeth!